“First Date topics to talk about”

So you’ve managed to bag yourself a date with the guy or girl you’ve been speaking to on Luv Traffic–congrats! But meeting someone in person is a whole different ball game to chatting on the Internet; it’s scary and unknown territory, what do you talk about on your first date ? With this in mind, we’ve come up with a few pointers that should get the conversation going.

“What Do You Like to Do?”

It’s easy to come out the gate asking someone about their occupation, as most people will have a preconfigured answer. However, it’s also true that not everyone is 100% happy with what they’re doing or where they are. A better question is to ask people what they like to do, as this will provoke them to talk about their hobbies or ambitions. Obviously, if work comes up naturally in conversation then fire away but bear in mind that it’s not the most exciting topic for some.

“What Was the Last Show You Went To?”

Your aim is to spark light debate and discussion; it’s pointless to ask endless questions about a person’s favourite books, films or music when you can see that kind of thing on their online dating profile anyway. A better strategy is to ask about a recent event they may have gone to. This could lead to a far more interesting story about the time they crowd surfed at a gig, or that magician who dropped all his cards and couldn’t find his rabbit.

“What’s Your Party Piece?”

Try and ask open questions as much as possible, don’t let your date escape with a yes or no answer. Daft topics like this one will not only drive them to talk but they’ll make sure you stand out from others by being a little bit unusual.

“I Noticed You Were into Wakeboarding, How Did That Come About?”

A tip-top piece of advice that some forget to actually read your dates person’s profile. Online dating has loads of advantages, the best one being that you will already have a little bit to talk about right off the bat. It doesn’t even have to be something you know about, asking questions about something unfamiliar will help you to seem even more interested. And there’s nothing people like more than feeling they know something others don’t!

Or Ignore Everything and React to Where the Conversation Takes You

Each date is different and some will have a momentum all their own. Your partner may lead the conversation or topics may just come naturally around what you’re engaging in. So just go with it, live in the moment and have some fun, because that’s what online dating is all about!

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