At Luv Traffic, we are all about having fun and finding you the perfect partner. But as the leading free online dating website, we feel a certain responsibility to making sure our community stays safe and secure while having a good time. Here are just a few rules of thumb you should abide by when embarking on your online dating adventure:

Setting Up Your Luv Traffic Profile

Don’t Include Personal Info

Your online dating profile should show people your winning personality; how else is anyone going to see how awesome you are? However, although you need to include a good amount of information to get people interested, you shouldn’t give away everything. Avoid posting personal information such as your phone number, address or email, and instead use Luv Traffic’s private and public messaging features to talk until you’re more comfortable.

This may sound a little contradictory because we ask for your car registration plate details when you create your Luv Traffic online dating profile, but rest assured this is completely safe. It is simply a consensual way of enabling anybody who’s eye you’ve caught to make contact with you. If you are not comfortable with people identifying you by your registration plate then that’s no problem either. You don’t have to include this information on your Luv Traffic dating profile, but you can still list the make, model and colour of your car so you don’t miss out on any of the flirty fun!

Using a Shared or Public Computer? Don’t Save your Login Details

This should be standard practice for all your accounts, not just your online dating one, but leaving yourself logged into a public computer can be dangerous. Other users could get hold of private information or, even worse, say something embarrassing to that person you were eyeing up.

Be Photo Conscious

When setting up any online dating account, a good profile picture is key. But as well as looking gorgeous, you also need to think smart. You can now search Google using nothing more than an image, so if you reuse a photo from Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else, a stranger could potentially find those accounts. Because of this, always use a photo specifically taken for your Luv Traffic profile.

It is possible to use Google Image Search to your advantage and make sure your potential suitor is who they claim to be. A quick search of their photo will help determine whether they’re the real deal, or if they’ve just grabbed the first stock photo they found online.

Speaking With Other Luv Traffickers

Read Between the Lines

99% of people you’ll speak to on the Internet will be just like you, looking for love and companionship. But you should always be prepared in case someone isn’t quite what they seem. You’ll likely speak with quite a few Luv Traffic members, so make sure you pay attention to what they’re saying. If someone declares their love for you after only a message or two, alarm bells should be ringing. Similarly, if a potential partner asks a lot of questions about your situation but won’t tell you a lot about theirs, they may have an ulterior motive. And never give money to someone you don’t know very well; if another member starts asking you for money, cease communication immediately and report any inappropriate messages to the Luv Traffic team.

Wait until you’re ready

Perhaps the most important online dating tip of all is to wait until you’re ready before taking any element of the relationship further. Don’t give out your phone number, email address or arrange a date until you feel it’s the right time.

Arranging Your First Date

Pick a Public Place

So the time has come to finally meet that special someone you have been chatting with on Luv Traffic–congratulations! But there are still are couple of things you should keep in mind when arranging the date. First and foremost, pick a public place that is heavily populated. Being where other people can see you means you are safer should anything go wrong.

Make Your Own Travel Arrangements

You should be able to leave when you like, whether that’s because the date has come to a natural close or because you are not feeling wholly comfortable. Make sure you drive yourself to and from the date, or get a taxi if that’s not possible. Offering to pick you up is a nice, romantic move, but at this point you shouldn’t let a stranger know where you live. The same applies for if they offer to walk you home.

Make Sure Someone Knows Where You Are (And Who With)

When you have arranged a meeting, it is always worth letting a close friend or family member know what’s going on. Let them know where you’re going, how long you should be, and promise them you will call or text at a certain time to let them know if you are okay. You should also make sure your friend has all the information you do. Give them your date’s name, phone number and a link to their Luv Traffic online dating profile.

Don’t Get Drunk

We know it’s tempting to seek a bit of Dutch courage before meeting your date for the first time, however it’s more important to keep a clear head until you get to know them. If you do end up having one or two drinks, remember never to leave your glass unattended.

Those are just a few tips for staying safe when embarking on your great online dating adventure. In all likelihood, you’ll have no reason to worry, but we really would feel better if you kept our advice in mind. Now get out there and get chatting; you never know who you might find!

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