The movie rom-com: a classic watch for first dates and long-term relationships alike. We may get our thrills from action films and our scares from horrors, but the trusty romantic comedy is where all the action happens. Nervously sneaking your arm over your date during the high points or weeping in their arms at the sad bits, this genre is simply the greatest for getting you and your partner to cuddle up together. With that in mind, there are a few lessons we could all learn from those couples up there on the silver screen.

Dating Someone Against Your Type

The couples of the romantic comedy always start off butting heads. They like different things, their personalities clash and they go mad when they inevitably keep bumping into each other. But we all know that the story ends with them seeing past each other’s differences to find out that they’re not so different after all. So why not take a leaf out of their book and go for someone a little out of your comfort zone. I’m not saying that you’re going to find your soulmate every time, but instead of discounting that online dating profile because you have different views, why not get talking anyway? You never know where the relationship could go.

Kiss Them in the Rain

It’s true that the weather isn’t as good here in Britain as it is in most Hollywood movies. But we should take advantage of the wet and windy weather for one of the most common rom-com traditions: kissing in the rain! It may seem a bit strange, but they’ll appreciate your sense of romance when you sweep them of their feet and you share a movie kiss while it’s throwing it down around you.

Do Your Own Song and Dance Number

Liven the mood (and amuse your date) next time you’re feeling musical by bursting into song! You may get a bemused look, but your date won’t be able to resist when you offer your hand for spin. And if you haven’t got the confidence belt out a Celine Dion ballad, then tone it down a bit by putting on a slow song in your living room and inviting your partner to slow dance with you. Who said romance was dead?

Very Public Displays of Affection

Kissing someone in front of a few people is one thing, but how about going bigger? Our romantic comedy heroes always seem to appear on the big screen at baseball matches where they’re free to display their love with a snog. A lovely moment, I’m sure you’ll agree, and worth trying to replicate. Our online dating advice is to have your first date at a football match or in the audience of a game show, and lock lips as soon as the cameras are turned on you! Great for a bit of cheeky fun!

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