While you’re online dating, you might go out with dozens of people. But which dates do you really remember? Was it the night you went to the cinema, the time you walked on the beach together, or that trip to the fair when you won an oversized teddy and then soaked each other with water pistols, read on for our members advice for a great memorable first date ?

Sometimes the best way into someone’s heart is to surprise them, and this also has the added side effect of breaking the ice better than the deafening silence of a boring old dinner table. So take a look at a few of things you can do in these British Isles.


Memorable first date – Go Back to Your Youth

Because being an adult is no fun anyway! Why don’t you do all those things you used to love but maturity says you’re not allowed to anymore. Go bowling, shoot some baddies at the arcade, then head to a playground and flail about on the monkey bars together. If you play your cards right, you may even both end up back at your house…watching Spongebob on Netflix.

Get Your Pub Quiz On

What better way to show how brainy you are than to have trivia questions barked at you while you use a crap biro to scribble on a beer-soaked answer sheet? The pub quiz is the ultimate British tradition; it’s fun as anything and can be weirdly romantic when you’re whispering answers into each other’s ears. And if you’re not big on trivia, don’t worry; you can have even more of a laugh writing silly joke answers down.

Have a Posh Brunch

Instead of the normal evening timeframe, why not switch it up and go out for something before midday? Get dressed in some swanky clothes and go all out: pancakes, waffles, hash browns, maple syrup, the works. Finish it off with a nice glass of orange juice (or if you’re so inclined, a Tequila Sunrise).

Do a Late Night Supermarket Trip

Head down to your nearest 24 hour megastore and go a bit bonkers. Play with the toys, set all the laptops to show a different daft photo of the two of you and try on some strange clothes while the other person makes sarcastic comments.

Order a Takeaway and Have a Movie Marathon

All right, I know this is technically dinner and a movie but it has a bit of a twist. Arrange to watch a certain series of films in a row and chow down on your favourite takeaway food. You could pick all three Toy Story films, a Nicolas Cage session, or the extended Lord of the Rings Trilogy if you have a spare weekend. Bonus points for picking a laughably bad series that you can both mock.


Those are just a few ideas that should separate you from the rest of the online dating world. Now you just have to get your thinking cap on to come up with a load more. With unique ideas like these, you’re going to be pretty busy for the foreseeable future!

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