About Us

Welcome to Luv Traffic—a dating website with a novel twist! In addition to the traditional online dating website features that we’ve come to know and love, Luv Traffic offers the ability for members to search for their crush using their car registration plate.

We’ve all been there; a co-worker who keeps catching your eye, somebody you keep crossing paths with at the supermarket, that beautiful stranger at your local coffee shop. But how do you make the first move? It’s a social minefield and not everyone has the confidence to stroll up to a stranger and lay their feelings on the line, but with Luv Traffic you can finally find out if your crush is free, single and ready to date.

Register your own number plate so potential dates can find you and use the search box to find those you fancy. With Luv Traffic you’re only a license plate away from love! You can also use the traditional dating features to find potential matches that meet your criteria, from age, gender and sexuality to location and marital status.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help potential lovers and soulmates who may have seen each other around connect using their car registration numbers.

Many singles are up against it in terms of finding a partner and dating. Our modern lifestyles are just so busy that finding the time or opportunity to put yourself in a situation where you could meet your future partner is often out of the question. At Luv Traffic, we think there is more to it than that. Our busy lifestyles distract us from what is sometimes right there in front of us and whilst we are busy, we aren’t on the lookout for love.

We have made it our mission to make it simple for our members to take charge of their dating and make contact with those they feel they truly have a connection with. We want online daters to take control of their love life and remember that the power to find a partner is in their hands. The days of sitting in bars and hoping that special person will walk through the door are over. You never know when you are going to cross paths, and now with Luv Traffic you can let them know that they’ve caught your eye.

Our Philosophy

Life’s too short not to take a chance. With Luv Traffic you have to power to determine what chances you take, whether it be by meeting with a match you’ve found from our hundreds of member profiles, or letting that attractive stranger know you’re interested by looking up their registration and making contact. We all start as strangers; don’t let the love of your life pass you by.

Take a chance today. Join Luv Traffic.

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