Online dating sites are great, aren’t they? The difficult and potentially awkward process of meeting someone new is made a whole lot easier by simply creating a free online dating profile and breaking the ice with your first message. But you can be forgiven for sometimes wishing we were back in the good old days, when things were a little more traditional. Our tips from other Luv Traffic members include things like…

Dressing up for Your Date Because It’s a Special Occasion

These days, dating is a lot more casual. We’ve all been in a relationship where we got so comfortable with someone that we stopped putting in as much effort as perhaps we should. But the worst thing you can do is let this trickle into your single life as well!

If you’ve found someone you’re interested in on a dating website, you must remember that first impressions are everything. You’ve put in all that effort perfecting your online dating profile, uploading the best selfie, and making sure your car registration plate is right so your future soulmate can find you–don’t fall at the last hurdle by turning up to your date in a curry stained jumper! Get your best shirt or dress on and wow them, because they will definitely remember and appreciate the effort.

Going on Dates That Are Actually Romantic

Yes, going paintballing with your mates can be a fun experience, but it may not be the ideal activity while wearing six-inch stilettos and a cocktail dress.

It’s important to keep a relationship interesting and do a range of different things, but there is a reason that the classics have stood the test of time. A nice restaurant, a playful romcom, a walk through the park, watching the sunset together–these are all options worth your consideration, so never forget the simpler date ideas.

Going Dancing (and We Don’t Mean Twerking)

Drinking far too much and then grinding up against each other on a sticky nightclub floor isn’t what Fred Astaire meant when he sang Let’s Face the Music and Dance. We aren’t saying that you need to learn every step of the foxtrot, but a nice slow dance goes a long way. And in most cases you will find that getting close to your partner and looking deep into their eyes is a lot more passionate and sexually charged that bouncing on the spot to dance music.

Putting Your Phone Away

We’ve all seen it (and been guilty of it). Dozens of people on the train, in waiting rooms and round the dinner table with their heads buried in their phones (probably checking their online dating profile!) We’re living in a world of social media, yet we’ve sort of forgotten that we can be social in the real world as well.

Next time you’re out on a date, leave your phone in your pocket or your bag. Talk to each other, and if you don’t know the answer to something, resist the temptation to just Google it–is it that important ?. What is important is showing your date that you’re a captivating, charming individual, and you’re not going to spend half of your relationship playing Candy Crush.

…And When You Are Apart: Talk, Don’t Text!

It’s a doddle to communicate when you’re apart from your loved one now. Between texting them while you’re at work and sending them a private message on your favourite online dating site, there are more ways than ever to speak to each other. But even so, we’re not really talking.

Putting your phone away when you’re together is a must, but when you’re separated, it’s a whole different ball game. Next time you feel the urge to chat, let them hear your voice instead sending a text message, as this will ultimately create a more intimate relationship when you’re back together. We hope these dating tips will assist, and thank you to our members who have contributed to this post, keep them coming !

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